What is the Biomedical approach?


At this point, you are probably wondering,  if you arnt already familiar with the term, exactly what is biomedicine?

How can it help my child?

In short the defenition of biomedicine is a branch of medical science that applies biological and other natural-science principles to clinical practice. The branch especially applies to biology and physiology.

We have broken our biomedical solution down into 6 different steps. They are:


1. Cleaning up the Diet and Environment and Detoxification for Heavy Metals


2. Gastro-Intestinal Issues including leaky gut, fungus, virus and parasites


3. Nutritional and Mitrochondrial  Support     including Methylation Cycle


4. Immune System Support


5. Oxidative Stress


6. Neuro Inflammation


How Biomedicine can help patients with Autism


Autistic spectrum disorders arise from a bio-neurological condition-a weakness in a child’s biochemical and neurological development. They seem to go hand in hand and both need to be evaluated for and treated as early as possible. All individuals with autism have these weaknesses in varying degrees.
The basis for the biochemical problems is found in the genes. “More recently, however, researchers began to realize that epigenetics could also help explain certain scientific mysteries that traditional genetics never could; for instance, why one member of a pair of identical twins can develop bipolar disorder or asthma even though the other is fine.Or why autism strikes boys four times as often as girls . . .In these cases, the genes may be the same, but their patterns of expression have clearly been tweaked.
Science is showing that a change in eating patterns can have consequences that reach down the generations. The answer lies in the relatively new field called Epigenetics: the environment’s impact on our genome. There have been changes to our genes as a result of our environment changing and sometimes these changes can cause sickness and diseases. These changes are commonly seen after exposure to certain toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics.
What science has found is that there is a layer of programming over the hard gene sequence that basically turns a gene on or off. (Expressed or suppressed) .There are many documented cases of identical twins in which the genes are compared and confirmed identical - yet one is typically developing while the other severely autistic. So in the case of the twins - though they may have the same exact genes that are undamaged, the programming that turns the autistic child's genes on and off is off kilter. Altered function in your DNA will cause an alteration in your biochemistry, which leads to altered human function. This is the case of autism.

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